Is this one of the strategies used by whales to manipulate BTC? (real example)

This is a graphic from yesterday (BitMEX:BTC, 1minute candles):
enter image description here

A price drop from $4000 to $3730 in 7 minutes
Volume in those 7min was $140M

Is possible that something like this happened (numbers are just an estimate to make it easier to understand the strategy)?:

1) Half of that volume was a market sell (short) from one person (whale), but with 100X leverage => one person shorting $700K
2) That short make the price drop from $4K to $3900
3) Average entry for the whale short is then $3950
4) That drop fired a lot of sell stop losses orders (by the other $70M)
5) Those stop losses make the price drop to $3800
6) The whale is in profit (short entry $3950, current price $3730)
7) The whale starts to close the short position, but slowly, to avoid moving the price, average close = $3850
8) The whale earns 2.5% (3950/3850) of $70M = $1.7M in just a few hours?
it started with $700K and now has $2.4M!? and the worst part is that it can do it again and again?

Even if the numbers are not correct, is possible for a whale to do something like that and not only move the market but also take profit on that movement, without any risk?

I think this should not be possible, because is too easy. But I cannot understand what is stopping a strategy like that to actually work.

Can somebody help me to understand what is the problem with that strategy?

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