Дата: 2012-08-01 01:09:58; Тема: IPR Infringement of MGM LOGO INFERRING POLITICAL SUPPORT TO A DESPOT REGIME


Dear Michael
After several hours of trying I have finally managed to obtain your email address.
I am a close family friend of the Tymoshenko family in Ukraine who are fighting for the release of their mother who is incarcerated in Kharkiv prison at the express command of the authoritarian government of Ukraine headed by twice convicted Viktor Yanukovych..
Whilst I do not expect you to take a stance on a political issue I can point you to my background in IPR disputes by referring you to http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Ch/2007/1976.html where I defended myself over 7 years against one of London’s leading law firms. As such, I refer you to http://www.tymoshenkocase.com/?page_id=101 please click on DIGITAL LIBRARY and then on the centre red video play button in the centre of the screen. A CXSSR logo will appear, click on the right hand red button and a picture of Lazarenko will appear behind bars. Click on the centre black ‘Play Button’ and you will  see the MGM BRANDED and COPYRIGHT PROTECTED logo depicting a picture of Yulia Tymoshenko with the words  ’Full Truth Productions’ encircling the legendary MGM logo.
This production is being presented as a vindictive and illegal attack on the former PM and is registered in England by a newly formed company with no assets and no accounts filed at Companies House.  The Domain Registar is listed  below and the company is dormant but the directors are very active in many areas.
It is my opinion that this website is illegal and the logo of MGM ‘MAY’ be construed as ‘AIDING AND ABETTING’ a corrupt attempt to influence the electorate of Ukraine by CONSPIRING to DISTRIBUTE FALSE ALLEGATIONS prior to the October Elections in Kyiv. 
Having had a long and fruitful relationship in LA and Vegas with Ed Hade of MGM and Attorney Hernry Bushkin www.johnnycarson360.com I sincerely hope you will treat this request as urgent.  Of course, should you require confirmation of my association with the Tymoshenko family I can get their NY lawyers to confirm. In any case, the website is a clear and unmitigated breach of your IPR.
In the meantime, please contact me should you need further information.
With Best regards
Mick Burchill

tymoshenkocase.com Registrar Whois

Updated 6 minutes ago
Registrar: 123Reg/Webfusion
Url: http://www.123-reg.co.uk/domain-names/

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Created Date: 18-Jun-2012
Expiry Date: 18-Jun-2013
Nameserver: max.ns.cloudflare.com
Nameserver: nina.ns.cloudflare.com
Registrant Name: Identity Protection Service
Registrant Company: Identity Protect Limited
Registrant Address: PO Box 795
Registrant Address:
Registrant Address:
Registrant Address: Godalming
Registrant Address: Surrey
Registrant Address: GU7 9GA
Registrant Address: United Kingdom
Technical Name: Identity Protection Service
Technical Company: Identity Protect Limited
Technical Address: PO Box 795
Technical Address:
Technical Address:
Technical Address: Godalming
Technical Address: Surrey
Technical Address: GU7 9GA
Technical Address: United Kingdom
Technical Email: @identity-protect.org
Technical Tel: +44.1483307527
Technical Fax: +44.1483304031
Administrative Name: Identity Protection Service
Administrative Company: Identity Protect Limited
Administrative Address: PO Box 795
Administrative Address:
Administrative Address:
Administrative Address: Godalming
Administrative Address: Surrey
Administrative Address: GU7 9GA
Administrative Address: United Kingdom
Administrative Email: @identity-protect.org
Administrative Tel: +44.1483307527
Administrative Fax: +44.1483304031
Identity Protect Limited
Company Number: 07407280
Company Type: Private limited with Share Capital
SIC Code: 7260, Other Computer Related Activities
Inc. Date: 14 Oct 2010
Annual Returns: 14 Oct 2011
Annual Accounts: 31 Dec 2011

Registered Address

5 Roundwood Avenue
Stockley Park
UB11 1FF
United Kingdom
Accounts Date 31 Dec 2011
Accounts Filed Until Unknown
Accounts Type Dormant

Associated Directors

Name & Function Status Active Inactive
Found on LinkedIn
Tobias Mohr ( 35)
Director, Finance Manager
16 May 2012 – Present (2 months, 15 days)
Current 18 6
German Found on LinkedIn
Thomas Vollrath ( 42)
Director, General Manager
16 May 2012 – Present (2 months, 15 days)
Current 22 6
James Shutler
Company Secretary, No Function
16 May 2012 – Present (2 months, 15 days)
Current 1 0
Patrick Pulvermueller ( 37)
Director, Managing Director
16 May 2012 – Present (2 months, 15 days)
Current 14 5
Matthew Stephen Mansell ( 36)
Director, Director
14 Oct 2010 – Present (1 year, 9 months, 17 days)
Current 7 3

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