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Hi Eugenia...Again I thought you did a great job on very short notice.    We have been after the Helsinki Commission to hold a hearing for several months and were very pleased that they put the hearing together on such short notice.   This all came together in a few days.      Your participation was clearly the high light.  It was well attended like the Senate hearing.  Three members of the House participated.   Congressman Burgess from Texas, Cong. Cohen from Tennessee and Chairman Smith from New Jeresy.   Those testifying included David Kramer from Freedom House,   Katie Fox from the National Democratic Institute and Stephen Nix from the International Republican Institute along with Gavin Weisse, from the International Foundation for electoral Systems ( IFES).
    All those testifying offered similar testimony.  Namely , Ukraine is heading in the wrong direction and democracy is being threatened.   They all advocated that international NGO’s should actively monitor the upcoming elections in Ukraine which they believe will be threatened by corruption.   There is growing interest in doing this in many circles.  We need to encourage this at every opportunity. 
   No one advocated that the teams boycott the upcoming games but generally supported the political boycott.   Everyone supported release of all political prisoners and everyone mentioned your mother by name.  
   After the hearing I visited with Chairman Smith.  He is actively considering a trip to Ukraine in early July.  We are strongly encouraging him to do this and I told him I thought the timing was good because it would follow the Durbin trip and the Burton trip in June.   I told him that I think regular trips by members of congress are a way to keep pressure on Yanu’s Govt.  He agrees.    We also discussed the possibility of a formal House Resolution in spite of the rule barring this.  We are in agreement that an exception should be made and he committed to talk to Majority Leader Cantor and Speaker Boehner about doing this.   I think there is a solid chance....about 75 % ...that we will get a resolution after the trips coming up.   
   I see this hearing as the first major effort to start to focus on the Ukraine elections in October.  NDI and IRI and IFES were all in attendance and all of these organizations are now focusing on Ukraine again.  I believe it is vitally important for the International NGO’s to make a major effort to insure the elections are fair in October.  I believe you all need to work the European Community and I will work the U.S. and Canada.       We will be working to insure the U.S. Govt. is supportive of this work in a bi partisan manner. 
  One of those testifying today said that the United Churches in Ukraine is the most respected institution in the country.  This is apparently a group that represents the different churches.   Do you agree?   If so have you reached out to them for active support? 
   Earlier today I had a  very good visit with Melanne Verveer who is head of the office of Global Women’s Issues at the State Dept.    You met her when you were in D.C.   She is one of Secretary Clinton’s closest personal friends.  She asked about you and your mother and wanted an update on your situation.  She was especially concerned about your mother’s health.  She again insured me that Sec. Clinton and the Vice President continue to raise your mother’s case with Yanu and others in the Ukraine Govt. at every opportunity.  The president continues to raise this issue as well .   This is the good news.   The bad news is that they are very frustrated with Yanu’s refusal to act.   I think everyone is at the point where they are now beginning to consider next steps which they have not wanted to do.   But I believe that within the next few months ,unless we see movement by Yanu ,various restrictions and sanctions will be considered.
   Melanne and I talked about your mother in greater detail and next steps but I do not want to write about this in this email...I will discuss this with you in person.  
   Yesterday, I had another very good conversation with Senator Kerry’s staff.  I have been working on them for a Senate resolution on Ukraine.  I have been hoping the senate would move a resolution and disappointed this has taken so much time.  But the senate is very slow by nature.  I know it is hard to understand.    Yesterday I was told that the staff is now supportive and are going to raise this with members.  This is good news.   I believe that we have a solid chance for a senate resolution after the Durbin visit.  
   As you can see there is a lot coming  up.   I think all of this will clearly communicate to Yanu that the U.S. is not forgetting about Ukraine.   We are doing all we can to keep the pressure on.    
   The Ukraine Embassy sent several people to the hearing today.   We had a brief conversation at the end of the hearing.   You know the diplomats can’t say anything of consequence.   
Let’s stay in touch.....Best always......Jim
Please share all of this with Dr. Nemyria and Segey and your team...and give them my best wishes....J..


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